Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Work At Home Marketing And Squidoo Writing With My About Me Lens

Work At Home Marketing And Squidoo Writing With My About Me Lens

Building a London blog - how I built my London Fun For Free Or For Less lens on Squidoo to list all our fun shortcuts and links for budget London visits! (Online writing, lens-building and affiliate marketing business recommendations)

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Snow Queen - Fun Window Shopping At Christmas Window Displays In London

Snow Queen
Originally uploaded by flambard
Thanks to Flambard, Flickr

Monday, 22 December 2008 Snow Queen: The Kindle Store: Hans Christian Anderson Snow Queen: The Kindle Store: Hans Christian Anderson

Kids entranced by the icy spectacle of Fortnum and Mason's Snow Queen fun Christmas window display in London?

With everything on offer from Snow Queen pointy luxury Christmas stockings, Christmas fairy tale storytelling and Snow Queen luxury Christmas hampers, you might suspect that something bigger was in the offing!

And there is! albeit a few years down the pipeline for a movie is in the making - and a Disney one at that!

It's also eay to forget the simple things in life - like the book! Hans Christian Andersen might be impressed to know his stories, highlighted in a fun window-shopping London manner, are now also available on Kindle!

Friday, 5 December 2008

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Vampire Fun In London's Leicester Square At The Twilight Hour - Stephenie Meyer's Movie Premieres

Fun for young adult readers and movie-goers in London is surely guaranteed at the breathlessly-awaited revealing of Stephenie Meyer's new movie 'Twilight' on 12th December.

Posters and merchandise aplenty will no doubt be snapped up, with many books from Meyer's Twilight series bought, and movie trips planned on the strength of the vampire movie's trailer.

Luckily for London-dwellers, or London visitors, they might not have far to run in their heels for their book-buying fun.

Famous London bookshop, Foyles, seem well-prepared for the onslaught, and at their Charing Cross Road bookshop, copies which have been ordered online can be collected. They do however need 24 hours notice. There are lots of family fun places in London's Leicester Square area, including the Hard Rock Cafe which is fun for older kids. London is not warm on a mid-December twilight, so those who live in hope of spotting a vampire star or two need to wrap up warm! Arriving in the afternoon will give time to get those mobile phones and digital cameras ready for that one-in-a-million chance shot!

So, see the Twilight movie and collect your Stephenie Meyer book from near Leicester Square - how cool could that be? Doubtless, our older teens will tell us - next job: get it autographed!
TWILIGHT MOVIE POSTER Ultimate Fan Gift SET- ALL FIVE COLLECTIBLE Posters Vampire Romance Robert Pattinson #C

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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Fun For London Bloggers In Christmas Local Uk Affiliate Program

London bloggers don't have much fun sometimes, when it comes to finding an affiliate programme (see? - that really has to read 'program' to get any half-decent search results!)

With much of the web geared to US English, not only do we have to constantly bear this in mind when sleuthing for fun new products and affiliate links to put on our blogs, but we also used to be limited to multi-national retailers with cross-border appeal.

Not any more. With the launch of Affiliate Window, our own shop windows suddenly got a whole lot bigger! More targeted to a UK market, this more local UK affiliate program now offers us a delectable choice for our Christmas Blog Stockings!

Early Learning Centre, M&S, UK Fragrance Companies and Prezzies are all represented so now we should be spoilt for choice for some fun London Christmas Shopping from our blog windows.

Let's hope, in the current recession-shadowed times, it won't only be window shopping! Oh Well, there's always the affiliates raffle Christmas contest on the AW home page!

Top Affiliate Programs UK on my London Fun Squidoo Page

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Boris Goes To The Fireworks - Providing London Fun For All!

The Lord Mayor's Fireworks in London should be fun, and all the more so with the possibility of a public address or switch-on by the inimitable Boris Johnson to look forward to. I wonder if he will be paying a special visit to the barber's for the esteemed occasion? The last time he attended some fireworks at the Olympic closing ceremony in China, eyebrows were raised by some commentators and 'bad hair day' suggestions were made by others! As outlined below, some have suggestions for a hirsute specatcle at the firework show.

Notwithstanding his inexplicable election to the high office of Lord Mayor Of London
- he cuts an eccentric figure. Perhaps this is the secret of his success - even with the young - for at the very least at least our Boris is never boring! He always seems to choose a weird angle and run with it - successfully - even London buses, his presence on one of which spiced up his appearance with David Cameron and made the thing watchable!

Will his fireworks at Bankside be real? Will they be a spectre of his and our imagination or perhaps a laser-light show, cleverly disguised in a cunning plan to fool the electorate? I think not! Londoners are too canny to fall for that!

But will he rise to the hair challenge, the gauntlet apparently thrown down by a Daily Telegraph columnist in August, ruminating on how London 2012 would match the Olympic flame and firework celebrations? According to BBC Northern Ireland, the columnist suggested that instead of a flame, Boris should be hoisted in the air above the crowds and let his hair flap in the breeze for the entire fortnight!

Now that I would so love to see - good old Boris, giving us all a few laughs and some fun, he would take it all in good spirit and his popularity might soar into the realms of running for leader of the opposition!

Thanks to for the great firework image - I tried to pick the one that looked most like Boris's hairdo - upside down! Click on the title to visit the site and see if you agree, or can see a better one!

Lord Mayor's Fireworks


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Free Fun In London's Leicester Square For Daniel Craig Quantum Of Solace Movie Premiere

A fun activity to do in London over the mid-term break would be to head to Leicester Square to see Daniel Craig as James Bond in the latest 007 movie Quantum Of Solace. Since getting hold of a ticket for the London movie premiere is about as likely as cracking a quantum physics theory single-handed, we would have to make do with lining the red-carpeted celebrity route, in the hope of spotting Craig, Daniel Craig in the company of a glittering array of other stars.

Still, some photography, the chance of an autograph or two and a fun evening among the bright lights of Leicester Square is still a fun free evening - and there are plenty of other movies and restaurants to enjoy after the big event, at which, we suspect the main draw will be Daniel Craig himself. Apparently, there is now a Daniel Craig fan club! They will have reason to sympathise with poor old Daniel who has recently appeared on UK TV with his arm in a sling.

According to the Daily Telegraph, this is a recurring weakness, exacerbated by all his heroic exploits on the stunt set. It will be interesting to see if his shoulder injury has recovered enough to manage without the sling on Friday evening. Fans could try remembering however that the Daniel Craig James Bond values his privacy. They will still hope to get some Daniel Craig photos though, even if that's just on their phones!

The Daniel Craig Bond man was interviewed on UK TV recently by Jonathon Ross on the BBC. He did not seem the type to need to bask in the spotlight - quite the opposite, and seemed, like any educated intelligent person, to be utterly bemused by the interest people are taking in his shoulder! His refusal to be drawn on the topic or any other reference to his private personal life did him credit - and can only serve to add to his natural mystique!

Disappointed Leicester Square visitors can always console themselves with Daniel Craig merchandise - after all it's important to remember that a talented actor such as he has done other things! There are other Daniel Craig movies, not to mention giant calendars, action figures, gaming products and posters. As for certain James Bond wannabes in our family now lining up to pre-order, they will have to make do with being Daniel Craig on the daredevil mission-filled Quantum Of Solace Pre-order latest Playstation Game.

Monday, 6 October 2008

London Fun Walk For Shoppers and Kids - Camden Market and Regent's Park

London Fun Walk For Shoppers and Kids - Camden Market and Regent's Park

Having fun in London isn't all about sightseeing, sometimes we want to shop, and the older kids can't wait to see what's cool and what's in, in London generally and at the first places to see the new trends - the markets.

London street markets are very ethnically diverse nowadays, and this also makes them a great place for walking through, browsing the brightly-coloured stalls, wandering along trying to be good and avoiding the tasty food samples offered at every turn by aromatic Chinese food stalls or Moroccan lunch vendors!

What you need is a walk afterwards to burn some fat and exercise away the calories! We followed one of most fun days out in London with a walk (and a rest!) in Regent's Park, not that far from Camden market - and recorded the day in the above article. London's Royal Parks are both historical and contemporary living gems and not to be missed. To get max value and fun from a Royal park visit, do some research first.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Monday, 22 September 2008

Fun Free Festival,Walk And Event Ideas In London's Trafalgar Square

Some of the most fun days out in London that we enjoyed came from ideas in the London fun magazine we carried around in the bottom of a bag! - it weighed a lot less than a laptop! Monty Python's Spamalot Day, great free live music and not so free ethnic food and fashion at Africa Day, and the atmosphere of the Russian Winter Festival all provided fun times, pictures and memories. We collected them all on this other site.

We also got first notice of advance events and exhibitions, and so often benefited from first refusal of popular tickets for other events. The London weather vagaries didn't beat us either, as with a listings magazine on-hand during the day, we could change our plans and jump on the tube for a walk in Hyde Park if the weather brightened or to an indoor attraction like the Tate Modern art gallery if it turned nasty.

Monday, 15 September 2008

London Tate Britain Exhibitions More Fun Than Usual?

Image courtesy ryan fb Flickr

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

London Fun Things Now Running At Tate Britain Creed Exhibition

Surprisingly, London fun might be on the agenda after all in a gallery, if you're a teen or a student who hates traipsing round staring at pictures all day.

Expecting jeers of derision and tears of laughter at the thought of visiting a so-called piece of 'contemporary art' from the same stable that produced a crumpled sheet of paper, blu-tak and a toilet, I tentatively mooted the idea of visiting the latest Martin Creed installation at the Tate Britain gallery.

Martin Creed, the former Turner prize winner, has had an Olympian inspiration to set a constant stream of runners to sprint through the marble halls and weave through the lofty columns of the Tate Britain gallery - and call it art.

Far from decrying the whole idea of a Puma-sponsored attention-grabbing spectacle as a piece of exploitative sensationalism designed only to hook them in and make fools of them, my teen and tween sons actually showed a spark of interest! As a result, this spectacle 'Work no 850' makes it onto our Autumn London fun things wishlist, as it runs until November.

They will be interested to watch the runners coping with the challenge of slippery floors and in the difficulty of supplying the human running chain with fresh replacement runners. They will probably be disappointed to find out however, that members of the art-loving public such as themselves - or other London fun seekers - will not be able to take part. The usual health and safety concerns apply, and anyway, the runners are apparently only getting paid ten pounds per hour - not that much more than my sons get paid per hour for their paper round.

It will be interesting to hear the opinion of the young on the idea that art can represent the qualities of nothing - it takes a child to see things with a fresh, uncynical and innocent eye. Whether we are being 'taken for a ride' rather than a run will prove interesting debate - as did the intriguing story of The Emperor's New Clothes - in this case that would be running shoes and sports wear apparently sponsored by Puma.

Grab a copy of the best London fun magazine and see what else is new, edgy and different to do in London, in case they've all 'run' out on the very day you want to buy one!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

London Is Fun For Free Running If A Walk Sounds Boring

Great free running images from poolski at flickr.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

London Carnivals are Fun And They're Not All At Notting Hill - Tooting Has One Too - photo Wolfiewolf Flickr

Tooting Common also has more to offer, as well as funfairs, carnivals and local events. The Common is a welcome 'green lung' in the great conurbation of the city of London as a whole, and is a great place for an Autumn walk, letting the dogs or kids run around or for a London fun walk and a picnic. For more great ideas, get your copy of the best London Fun magazine of all.

Thanks to Wolfiewolf (Flickr) to whom I'm crediting this photo of a London Fall walk idea.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

London Olympics Are Fun Already!

Top on the London fun list to welcome the conquering athletes home from battle were an aeroplane with a golden nose, a little Union Jack fluttering above and Lord Mayor of London Boris Johnson 'doing the honours.' Less fun, but sporting the most genuine and broadest smile I have ever seen him 'sport', was Gordon Brown who almost 'waxed lyrical' in his praise.

Perhaps his popularity had a little boost too! Dare it be mentioned that these successes were hatched under a Labour government? Tom Daley, the diver, probably could not walk let alone swim at its dawning! Truly, he and many others, including this year's GCSE contingent have known no other schooling.

Maybe, just maybe, it's time for a little self-congratulatory back slapping instead of bemoaning the depressing credit crunch. Still it's difficult to see how much fun can be mustered up in the face of Olympic sponsors pulling back from the deal.

Keep up to date with the planning and progress of the London Olympics 2012 and tips for making the best of your own visit here at the best London fun magazine.

Sensational Team GB return home - News and Features, Olympics - The Independent

The Fun Starts Now - London - Sensational Team GB return home - News and Features, Olympics - The Independent

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Eating London Fun Style - On A Double Decker Bus

Some of the best fun shopping in London can be found at Brick Lane market. All the delicious aromas wafting from the ethnically diverse food stalls can give you quite an appetite however.

Time to head for some eating fun with a difference - on the specially converted red London bus in Ely Square, Rootmaster. Delicious veggie food such as moussaka makes a healthy lunch too - and you'll get some great photos!

So glad someone has had an original new idea for use for this lovely London icon. Can't wait to go again! Researching more fun eating out ideas in London first!

London Fun Restaurant - Eat Out On A Bus Idea (photo by slushpup flickr)

Rootmaster Bustaurant, Elys Yard, Brick Lane

Rootmaster Bustaurant, Elys Yard, Brick Lane

London Fun on a Bustaurant - the coolest fun market shopping and the coolest fun lunch all in one day - its veggie food in London too!

Probably most of the most fun things to do in London with kids, students or moms and dads.

One of the most historic parts of the city for a London walk too.

Monday, 25 August 2008

YouTube - Sugarbabes & Olympic Flame in London. Open bus in Oxford Str

YouTube - Sugarbabes & Olympic Flame in London. Open bus in Oxford Str

Plan London Fun Now Or Walk - The Bus Is Leaving

Last time I checked, many London hotels were not open yet for business related to the London 2012 Olympics. Wonder whether that's now changed after last night's witty London Bus escapades added a little light-hearted English freethinking comment to China's lavish but inscrutable Olympic games.

With Londonish bloke David Beckham kicking footballs, Boris waffling on in his quintessentially English mad professor style and a sadly updated red London bus upstaging the Chinese fireworks - I wonder if all that no-pre-booking has changed?

Demand might be fierce, particularly in the 02 arena, so uber-organised London Olympic fans from around the globe might already be getting started with their 4 year advance booking plans.

Quick everyone, get something booked, preferably within walking distance (you know what London transport can be like) - before the Germans bag all the best seats on the bus!

Of course, they'll be wanting to subscribe to a few issues of Timeout London magazine - that way they'll be sure of grabbing the best options for being in the right place for London Fun at the right time.

Next stop London with a light heart as bus arrives on time at Beijing ceremony - Times Online

Next stop London with a light heart as bus arrives on time at Beijing ceremony - Times Online

Sunday, 24 August 2008

London Fun Walk Thames Barrier

Strolling Along the River Picking Blackberries, East London - 16 Aug « The Tom in ol’Londontown (SW16)

Strolling Along the River Picking Blackberries, East London - 16 Aug « The Tom in ol’Londontown (SW16)

Kids idea of London fun walks are sometimes different to ours! My older son finds looking at motorway underpasses filled with rubbish,discarded supermarket trollies and old chairs interesting! Why? Because of the so-called 'Street art!' Both sons compare notes of the 'quality' or otherwise of the scrawls, er - i mean spraycan art - in terms of colours used, 'tag' originality, number of drips, and inaccessibility of location!

Their most 'London fun' walk to date was the South Bank in London - where there was street art graffiti, skaters and bikers galore to emulate.

Another alternative for London fun walks with older offspring might be the Thames Barrier - here is an excellent and original review of a London East End walk. Both the Thames Barrier and the London 2012 Olympics area should prove of interest to our kids, though perhaps looking rather dubious to us!

Blackberry picking as a London fun alternative might be more appealing to the little ones - and to parents!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Friday, 22 August 2008

London Fun Or Fright - Dungeon Review - Enter at your peril

London Dungeon - Review - Enter at your peril

London fun or London frights? Or both? Next on the kids wishlist for London attractions is The London Dungeon. Only one problem - I genuinely don't think I can go in with them!

Like the lady in this London Dungeon review (which incidentally is one of the best I've ever read) one of my kids is still in the Juniors at school. However he is undeterred - I am more dubious as to whether this really will turn out to be a fun London experience. He always wants to watch sacry programmes and films on TV - then sometimes has sleep problems. Then of course there is the cost. You pay less for the London Dungeon with the discount tickets, but there is a substantially longer wait.

Added to this is the experience of my friends. The mum in the party most definitely did not have fun. Not realising the psychological nature of some of the gory experiences, she had taken her daughters friends there as a birthday treat - only to find herself worrying about their parents reactions afterwards! The kids,however,loved it and there were no repercussions.

I might not be so lucky - so there's only one solution. I will take them, the older son can look at all the live rats and simulated dead bodies - the younger son and I will wear blindfolds! And peep out occasionally!

Just one question - can we opt out of the so-called London fun experience of being dropped 8 metres? For me, this will not be fun! Presumably, you can walk round it - as there must be some kids who do not meet the height restrictions.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Planning Autumn London fun with The Friday Night Skate

London fun means anything 'skate' in the eyes of our two sons! On seeing that link to The Friday Night Skate in Hyde Park, they would've headed out the door with their ton-weight skates on their backs, had they not been stopped. 'Forget trivial details like toothbrushes,train tickets and London accommodation - let's just go!'

Sadly, it will be a few months before we save up enough pennies from the credit crunch to make our next London fun trip. I have no doubt as to where our first destination will be - Hyde Park. From here at 7.30 the great Friday Night Skate departs at around 7.30 for those old enough to skate unaccompanied. For those younger than that, well - Dad could always get those rusty old roller-skates out and tag along, or even fork out for a new pair of heavy-duty state-of-the-art, seemingly indestructible in-line street skates.After all, it's one way of getting a disintersted son to see the architecture and ambience of this historic part of London.

A walk through Hyde Park is a more sedate tourist activity for the rest of the party to enjoy while the intrepid skaters fly off, heads into the wind and ears tuned in to the roar of the skate music broadcast from the lead vehicle. Younger skaters unable to cope with the speed and rough terrain may have to confine themselves to the smoother ashphalt and quieter pace of Hyde Park until they are older.

Either way, if kids or dads are tempted by a skate impulse buy - think twice if you are a London visitor who is expecting to leave on a flight on a plane. Think of the luggage restriction - and the weight!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

London Fun At Technorati

Technorati Profile

London Fun Walk Idea - Trafalgar Square

London Walk - Fun In Trafalgar Square

A London walk in Trafalgar Square might not look, at first glance, as if it would take very long, but if you stop to look and learn about all the London landmarks there it can take the best part of a morning or afternoon, particularly if a tasty picnic lunch there is planned too. I designed this London fun facts in Trafalgar square list with the help of some research from Amazon books about London and websites such as Visit England, BBC and Transport for London.

Sometimes kids have more fun learning about history if they can do it in an informal, casual way. Here are some interesting historical titbits to have ready for telling, when they reach the attractions of Trafalgar Square. The landmarks, sights and monuments can be explored as a treasure hunt style quiz - or as a more freestyle walk.

1. Nelson's Column. Have them try to look at Nelson's bad eye! They (and you!) might be surprised at what they see, or don't see. Is there an eye patch there or isn't there? One story goes that Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson's eye condition was not an unsightly one and that he never needed an eye patch. Offer an incentive to those who can research the answer!

2.The Police Box. Can the kids find London's smallest police station? Then can they spot something on its roof which legend says was from Nelson's flagship 'Victory?' (Lamp)

3.The statue of Charles 1st marks the spot where the old Charing Cross once stood. Have the kids find the spot from where all distances from London are measured. (It's on a plaque in the ground underneath.)

4.Which monument has ships on top of it? And which one was erected in honour of Queen Victoria? This answer is Admiralty Arch.

5.Which statue was a competition-winner, is the tallest Corinthian column in the world and is made from Dartmoor granite? Which big cats date from 1867 and were designed by Landseer? (The lions.)

6.Where are the names of all the poor foot-soldiers who had some of their paltry pay taken away to pay for a statue in honour in of Sir Charles James Napier? (They are named underneath.) What does he carry in his hands? (Scroll and Sword.)

7.Can they find a Triton, a Mermaid and a Dolphin? Can they find out what these mysterious creations represented? Why were fountains placed there anyway? (To break up the space due to the fear of riots in olden times.) Why is the water in the fountains so blue? (The blue tiled lining reflects light.)

8.Can they find something made from bronze under the North wall? (They are the official imperial measurements of one foot, two feet and one yard.)

9.Which statue is a bit of a 'poser?' all togged out in his Roman gear? (George 1V, the Prince of Wales 1762-1830) He presents himself bareback, riding without stirrups in a rather overdramatic and pretentious pose! Do the children think he was ever an expert rider - even without stirrups?

10Which statue do they think was designed from a photograph? Do they think its is better than the others? (Sir Henry Havelock - The Indian mutiny of 1857.)

If another London walk appeals after this one, then there are plenty more London walking tours starting from right here in Trafalgar Square!