Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Boris Goes To The Fireworks - Providing London Fun For All!

The Lord Mayor's Fireworks in London should be fun, and all the more so with the possibility of a public address or switch-on by the inimitable Boris Johnson to look forward to. I wonder if he will be paying a special visit to the barber's for the esteemed occasion? The last time he attended some fireworks at the Olympic closing ceremony in China, eyebrows were raised by some commentators and 'bad hair day' suggestions were made by others! As outlined below, some have suggestions for a hirsute specatcle at the firework show.

Notwithstanding his inexplicable election to the high office of Lord Mayor Of London
- he cuts an eccentric figure. Perhaps this is the secret of his success - even with the young - for at the very least at least our Boris is never boring! He always seems to choose a weird angle and run with it - successfully - even London buses, his presence on one of which spiced up his appearance with David Cameron and made the thing watchable!

Will his fireworks at Bankside be real? Will they be a spectre of his and our imagination or perhaps a laser-light show, cleverly disguised in a cunning plan to fool the electorate? I think not! Londoners are too canny to fall for that!

But will he rise to the hair challenge, the gauntlet apparently thrown down by a Daily Telegraph columnist in August, ruminating on how London 2012 would match the Olympic flame and firework celebrations? According to BBC Northern Ireland, the columnist suggested that instead of a flame, Boris should be hoisted in the air above the crowds and let his hair flap in the breeze for the entire fortnight!

Now that I would so love to see - good old Boris, giving us all a few laughs and some fun, he would take it all in good spirit and his popularity might soar into the realms of running for leader of the opposition!

Thanks to for the great firework image - I tried to pick the one that looked most like Boris's hairdo - upside down! Click on the title to visit the site and see if you agree, or can see a better one!

Lord Mayor's Fireworks


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Free Fun In London's Leicester Square For Daniel Craig Quantum Of Solace Movie Premiere

A fun activity to do in London over the mid-term break would be to head to Leicester Square to see Daniel Craig as James Bond in the latest 007 movie Quantum Of Solace. Since getting hold of a ticket for the London movie premiere is about as likely as cracking a quantum physics theory single-handed, we would have to make do with lining the red-carpeted celebrity route, in the hope of spotting Craig, Daniel Craig in the company of a glittering array of other stars.

Still, some photography, the chance of an autograph or two and a fun evening among the bright lights of Leicester Square is still a fun free evening - and there are plenty of other movies and restaurants to enjoy after the big event, at which, we suspect the main draw will be Daniel Craig himself. Apparently, there is now a Daniel Craig fan club! They will have reason to sympathise with poor old Daniel who has recently appeared on UK TV with his arm in a sling.

According to the Daily Telegraph, this is a recurring weakness, exacerbated by all his heroic exploits on the stunt set. It will be interesting to see if his shoulder injury has recovered enough to manage without the sling on Friday evening. Fans could try remembering however that the Daniel Craig James Bond values his privacy. They will still hope to get some Daniel Craig photos though, even if that's just on their phones!

The Daniel Craig Bond man was interviewed on UK TV recently by Jonathon Ross on the BBC. He did not seem the type to need to bask in the spotlight - quite the opposite, and seemed, like any educated intelligent person, to be utterly bemused by the interest people are taking in his shoulder! His refusal to be drawn on the topic or any other reference to his private personal life did him credit - and can only serve to add to his natural mystique!

Disappointed Leicester Square visitors can always console themselves with Daniel Craig merchandise - after all it's important to remember that a talented actor such as he has done other things! There are other Daniel Craig movies, not to mention giant calendars, action figures, gaming products and posters. As for certain James Bond wannabes in our family now lining up to pre-order, they will have to make do with being Daniel Craig on the daredevil mission-filled Quantum Of Solace Pre-order latest Playstation Game.