Friday, 30 October 2009

Good Italian Restaurants For A Fun Party Meal In London

Good Italian restaurants in London.
Good Italian restaurants for a fun party meal in London don't get much better than Bella Italia in Covent Garden. We have had experience of birthday parties at various Bella Italia Italian restaurants around the country with different ages and all those special meals were memorable for the right reasons. This Italian restaurant review is aimed at those looking for a warm ambience, traditional Italian menu and value for money

On my student daughter's recommendation following her successful graduation fun party at Bella Italia's Italian restaurant in Henrietta Street Covent Garden London, we also tried the restaurant chain in a modern city setting in the south of the UK. We weren't disappointed.

Following a tip from my daughter, we popped in early to the restaurant to enquire about space and booking for a son's tenth birthday party. This turned out to be a wise move as she had advised us that she had a really fun time at her Italian theme party by introducing herself to the restaurant staff first. Sure enough, after booking us an appropriately-sized spacious table, our waiter took down some details - the child's age, name and where he would like to be placed at the table.

When we returned, it seemed that the same waiter had been assigned to us and had arranged to decorate the table in festive party mood! The restaurant was already very atmospheric with its dim lights, baroque ornate Italian effect furnishings, mirrors and decor - and had a cosy ambience. Added to this was a bunch of Helium balloons, a crayon activity pack and a surprise for later.

The waiter (I was assured by my well-travelled daughters that he was genuine North Italian!) was very attentive and took our order quickly and accurately. There is a £7.99 two-course option Italian menu at lunchtimes and although the choices are obviously going to be limited, we all found something we liked. Both the pasta dishes (penne and linguine) however had a tomato-based sauce - a cream based sauce would have offered a little more variety. The other choice was pizza, so the birthday person chose from' a different menu and had Lasagne. The Bruschetta with roast vegetables starter was just the right size portion and had an authentic olive oil and basil flavour. The Caesar chicken salad was fresh and crisp and ample for a starter.

The drinks arrived pretty smartly, as did the starters, but the mains were a little slower. However, we were in party mode and the wait didn't affect our enjoyment of the Italian restaurant experience. One of the restaurants has an open kitchen which added a jolly air of bustle with the added advantage of being able to see how clean the kitchen was. We were impressed. The toilets also were spotless, well-appointed, with historical decor touches.

My daughter had recommended the Tiramisu from the dessert menu but the older members of our little party were already full-up, though the younger members enjoyed the basic but tasty chocolate ice-cream. This arrived with a brandy snap, three waiters, a sparkly candle and a rendition of Happy Birthday with the child's name pronounced right and lots of smiles!

For an economy recession-beating meal out, the Italian restaurant Bella Italia was fun for kids and older people alike - which may have accounted for the healthy bookings here compared with other restaurants in the same area. The restaurant was about half-full with a clientele from theatre-goers to parents with buggies on a Friday - all presumably,like us,looking for value for money in these difficult financial times.

Would we go there for a fun time again? The crucial test. Yes, definitely. If all you want is a good value Italian menu, a mediterranean ambience and a package where you know what to expect and how much it's going to cost, then Bella Italia is a good choice whether in London or the provinces. This restaurant review has concentrated mainly on those requirements and we weren't disappointed.

image credit: spjwebster flickr

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Fun London Christmas Shopping Already? In August? Buying Cyber Puzzles In Hamleys

Fun London Christmas Shopping for us has to be Hamleys in Regents Street where we love to browse for all the latest puzzles games like this one, crazes,gadgets and gizmos for Christmas Stocking fillers and unusual gifts before everyone else gets to hear about them and they sell out, or the lines are so long we can't face the thought of queuing up to get them. That's why we are talking about Christmas Shopping in London in August!
If you want to plan a Christmas Shopping in London trip for October or November, you really do have to start thinking about it in August. Firstly, if you want train or plane tickets and cheap hotel accommodation you can actually afford then you need to book them now! Also, if its not too early for the stores to start their Christmas gift buying, then it's not too early for us either - and stores like Hamley's are already organising their Christmas in-store demonstrations of new products like puzzles games,cyber puzzles, gadgets, gizmos and other top ten Christmas gifts for kids. I've at least made a start with this first purchase of a totally more-ish shiny, heavy silvery addictive executive puzzle for my son - it will look great on the desk with its chic contemporary looks and he loves a challenge - particularly magnetic puzzles.We're always on the look out for the latest puzzles and magnets for kids.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Fun London Contest - Newnham Kids Take Part In Fun Latin Dance Contest

Fun London Latin Dance Classes Preparation - Best rated most helpful Latin Dance Teaching DVD

One fun London venue in July was Newnham Town Hall. I read today that fun was had by all during the London Latin dance classes competition, with children from local primary schools taking part.

In a time when governments and health gurus are trying to get parents to take children's weight more seriously in an effort to reduce obesity in the population, its great to see an exercise that kids actually enjoy being promoted - Dance.

There are many London fun dance classes for kids including hip-hop, rap, disco, electro and Latin Dance and competiton with peers always a little more motivation and sparkle.

With the so-called London fun Olympics round the corner in 2012, now's a great time to get relulctant kids to consider a more cool kind of out of school club - Dance. Of course there are all the usual favourites too such as jazz, tap and ballet - and there are lots of exciting platforms and showcases in the pipeline in the way of fun London 2012 entertainment where committed children can take the stage and demonstrate their newly-learned dance skills.

Our next fun London visit is planned for October and we'll be adding Newnham and Stratford days out to our itinerary alongside the Olympic Village building tour!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ZSL Tickets

Wedge Welly Candy Girl US Candy Girl Rain Boot in Pink Size: 10
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London Fun Attractions - Buy The Latest Wedge Wellies And Grab Some ZSL Tickets For The ZOO!

Some things to remember before your fun visit to London Zoo :
 no photography for commercial purposes.
Children under 16 will not be admitted without an adult
No re-entry to the zoo.

  • No dogs are allowed on the ZSL London Zoo premises.
  • Bicycles are not allowed on Zoo premises.
  • Scooters, rollerskates, rollerblades, skateboards are not allowed on Zoo premises.
  • Heelys roller shoes must not be used as skates, but may be worn as shoes.
  • Please note, there is no provision for left luggage.
  • You can get a daily photos pic of your visit

Hackney Council - LB Hackney - London Fields Lido

London Fun With Hackney Council - LB Hackney - London Fields Lido

When it's hot in London, fun for families who like to swim isn't far away! London Fields Lido is the only outdoor heated lido in London, so make sure to get there early and beat the crowds. Why aren't there more of these? Swimming, races or even some aqua aerobics is such good exercise for everyone in the family.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sonnet 43 Paraphrase Shakespeare in London Fun At The Globe

Sonnet 43 Paraphrase And Meaning - During London plagues, Shakespeare took to writing sonnets, as the theatres were shut down. In sonnet 43 , in attempting to paraphrase, we can see how the author took this quiet opportunity to experiment with his poetry and hone his writing craft when all the fun of London had gone quiet and audiences and fun seekers had fear and disease on their minds. In this sonnet, he beckons his writing inspiration to come to him while he sleeps:

Sonnet 43

When most I wink, then do mine eyes best see,
For all the day they view things unrespected,
But when I sleep, in dreams they look on thee,
And darkly bright are bright in dark directed.

Sonnet 43 Paraphrase
When I am sleeping and my are closed, and I am dreaming,
that's when I can imagine things best, like you - my inspiration.
The things I see during the day when I am awake with my eyes open are not as inspiring or imaginative as the things I see in my dreams.
When I look upon my inspiration during dreams, its brightness is enough to light the dark.

Sonnet 43 by William Shakespeare is open to two interpretations. Some critics believe the author is referring to a sweetheart here and that this sonnet is a love poem in honour of the person who inspires his writing and brings him joy.

Other Shakespeare enthusiasts interpret the sonnet simply as as a call to his poetic Muse, his imagination. Either way, this romantic poem carries images of beauty, joy, sleep and light.

Shakespeare obviously had fun with this poem, experimenting with form, structure and style and making the piece quite complex.

For some Shakespearean London fun in the author's own capital city, try The Globe Theatre on the banks of the River Thames. there are fun activities and workshops right through the holidays with many budget London hotels close by. Catch a show at the theatre in the evening, or view some of the many exhibitions in the museum. Shakespeare's Globe is one of the most fun things to do in London.


You, my inspiration, are so bright you make even shadows bright
I wish I could see the bright shadow of your inspiration during the day time when I'm awake how happy would I be to see this 'bright' shadow
during my waking hours, when even people without perfect vision can see you glowing.

I can't really say my own eyes are blessed
when I can see you during the day,
but at night,when my eyes are blind with sleep,
they can still discern you.
Until you come to me agin,
my waking hours are like the dark.

when at night wth your 'bright' shadow,
my 'blind' eyes of sleep are able to perceive you
Till I see you days are nights,

and night-time seems like day-time when you are there.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

London,The Winds Of War And Ali McGraw

Contemplating a visit to the Imperial War Museum in London and looking for a few good movies to watch prior to tutoring History GCSE next year.Also looking for some fun things to do in London related to War History.

Surprised to find such glowing reviews for an old movie featuring London. Winds Of War (based on Herman Wouk's writings) is highly recommended by one reviewer I read as being 'a series every American should see....'Ali McGraw as Natalie was apparently suitably fickle and headstrong - it would be interesting to see her portrayal of the role anyway, haven't seen her since Love Story!

Other atmospheric museum venues included the underground war hospital at Dover Castle, but don't know if that's still there. Anyway, probably not as much fun as a fun London research visit! A visit to the Cenotaph with a digital camera is probably a must-do, also the statue of Churchill.

Monday, 16 March 2009

London Fun For Kids And Tourists At The Princess Diana Garden Walk

For fun and relaxation in London, Princess Diana Memorial Garden, Kensington is one of the best places to visit in the centre, particularly for sightseeing tourist families. They will find it is "A Long Way From Silence And Gravestones." Those planning to visit London with their families this summer may want to build in a cool,spacious, quiet retreat from the shopping crowds, bearing in mind that in summer London can be hot and crowded. This calm retreat is just the place for sightseeing kids to take a break and let off steam.
In Princess Diana's Memorial Garden in Kensington Gardens, London, we are more likely to hear whoops of joy, splashing in the summer sun and kids running around clutching ice-creams from the Diana playground cafe. The park opened in June 2000 and is located near her home at Kensington Palace.
In the middle of the garden is a towering pirate ship built of wood, covered with children exploring, hiding and calling down to their Moms and Dads below. The Moms call back to them to jump back down as their ice-creams are melting onto the sand. Yes, that's right - sand, for the pirate ship even has a beach around it! The vessel has a shipwrecked atmosphere as it sits with its rigging, pulleys, and crow's nest on a bed of pristine white sand. How the princess would have loved to see the 70,000 children every year, innocent in their imaginative play, enjoying the free fun in her name.
As a teacher Princess Diana would have approved of the educational value of the sensory trail and the inviting sculptures - just made to be handled and explored, some responding with sound. She would have loved the attractive parkland setting full of majestic trees and fragrant flowers, a rare inner city habitat for wildlife such as wildfowl, beetles, and even foxes.
Among the many other toys and equipment are teepees, slides, walkways and a tree-house, where would-be braves and squaws can hide out. Tourists with hot sore feet who have been tramping around London showing their children the sights will be relieved to know that ample seating has also been provided where parents can take a well-earned break and watch their little ones cooling down. There are even mermaid fountains with rocky boulders dotted around. This ensures the memory of JM Barrie's Peter Pan is still evident in the atmosphere of Neverland too, so maybe bring a copy of the book to read while the children role-play.
In addition to the obligatory ice-cream for the kids, The Diana Playground Cafe also serves snacks such as fresh salads, kids meals, sandwiches and refreshing cups of tea or cooling drinks! Tourists with larger families might want to consider a picnic though, as London prices for a whole family lunch might be eye-watering! The usual amenities of toilets, and disabled and baby facilities are provided too.
All in all, this is certainly a Memorial Garden Walk with a twist! It's almost as if the Princess is still telling us to leave our handkerchiefs, flowers and tears behind and remember her with shouts, screams and laughter. This joyful exuberance was a quality which she shared in common with the children of the world and is a more fitting tribute here. Only the good die young?

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Puppy Dog Fun In London - Film Premiere

Puppy Dog Fun In London - Film Premiere Of Marley And Me

Fun with dogs in Leicester Square? Doesn't seem like a very conducive environment for canine exercise and fun I thought as I pondered my kids' request.

Why do you want to see Marley and Me? I asked.

I might have guessed, after fielding those never-ending requests for a puppy! Turns out, Marley is a dog! He's a labrador in fact - and to add to the promise of fun goings-on - probably the world's naughtiest one at that!

So yes, the movie is bound to be make for a great fun time out in Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and The Hard Rock Cafe, but amid all the laughs it's probably best to remember that the story also deals with the downside of pet-owning.

The heartbreaking parts would make me think twice about taking younger children to see this movie. That and the inevitable 'upping the anti' of pet dog requests! Some of us are trying to avoid a trek round London's pet shops, dog breeders and dog's homes to discuss the finer points of puppy-dog training, toothpaste to freshen a dog's breath or vet's bills!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

London Market Walk

Fun London Market Walk by guest author Abby Augier

Explore the metropolis of creative and mixed aspects of the secret alleys along London's canal paths between the shabby chic Portobello Market and the hippiedom of Camden Lock. It's an exciting 8 km walk where you'll find all the different styles and cultures of London and everything for everyone.

Grand Union Canal
Stroll along the stuffed stalls and the antique shops. Go north to the flea market at Golborne Road all the way up to the Grand Union Canal and you'll find Mediterranean pastry shops, African food stalls and English scrap merchants fighting for your attention on your way.

Trellick Tower
Trellick Tower was built as homage to the urban nihilism in 1970. The massive concrete structure counts 31 levels, won an award and looms threateningly ahead. At the foot of the tower you'll find beautiful community gardens as an achievement of surviving London's rough times.

Little Venice
If you want to escape the lively and noisy market, go to the rustic canal towpath and try to hop on the occasional small boats to drift behind the picturesque alleys. Or walk eastwards where the concrete cityscape ends and find yourself suddenly in Little Venice between Victorian villas, cheerfully painted small boats and weeping-willow trees.

Highlights Along The Walk
Go see London's oldest working cinema, Electric Cinema on Portobello Road. It's an original art deco building from 1910. Don't miss the proud of the community: the Canal mural. An obscure, but intriguing collage made off dregged rubbish from the canals and representing the boats, birds, water and sky. Follow into the steps of Robert Browning to Browning's Island in Little Venice. He came here to create his poets under the weeping willow trees. Other must-stops are the London Zoo Aviary and the breathtaking view over London from Primhose Hill.

From Grimy Edgware To Fairyland
Where Grand Union ends, begins Paddington Basins with the shimmering steel quays and shining commercial buildings. Across the grubby Edgware Road you continue your walk through the damp canal tunnels, passing railway bridges and broken down buildings to finally appear in a fairytale with sparkling white Regency palaces and beautiful green gardens which end graciously in the water.

Trendy Camden Lock
You are almost there: follow the street to go round Primrose Hill and take a sneak peak at London Zoo while you walk through. Finish you walk along the backs of the charming Victorian patios and there you are: the sub-culture of Camden Lock. This is the trendiest and street market in London full off refreshing urban energy.

About The Author
Abby Agier has been an editor for the travel industry for over 20 years. Next to publishing about the most beautiful places in the world she is also a editor for home and kitchen tools and writes about oil filled radiator heaters to advice about how to choose your oil filled radiator heater.

Article Source:

Image Source: attributed to joaoa - flickr

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

London Fun With Timeout London Guides

Our first stop for London fun to discover was the Timeout magazine, or failing that, our trusty little Timeout London city guide. Our family (Mom, Dad, teen and tween) looked for the best budget travel options in London, budget family accommodation and the best fun London attractions and events that kids could enjoy for free on a London fun vacation - and Timeout magazine helped us find some great ones!

Timeout Magazine Covers Everything London!

Committed Anglophiles planning London vacations often subscribe to Timeout magazine well in advance. Another alternative is the bestselling Timeout London city guide. This helps to ensure visitors get the best London fun guide for their money, by being in the right place at the right time for top exhibitions, shows and events such as the London 2012 Olympics. Maybe it's because it's because they're Londoners, but this guide book has a touch of the cockney about it that some visitors don't take to! However, we like it - it's straight from it's native city, updated annually and often has fun places to go in London that are a bit different. It weighs a little more than the magazine though!
Much of the eyecatching pomp, ceremony and monarchy attractions of London’s history are free to see and can be made more fun for kids by engaging them.

The Changing Of The Guard, The Striking Of Big Ben and The Chelsea Pensioners (taking a stroll in Hyde Park!) are all free to see and are fun if kids are absorbed in taking photos or videos, making a virtual travel blog or sketching.
London museums offer some of the best value in the world for education, entertainment and culture - and many run modestly-priced activities and workshops in the school holidays, some free! Taking the kids to London is an adventure.
We had a hot time in London on a budget - we kept this travelog to record how we did it.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Business Website Hosting -Review- I Just Renewed Mine After Comparing Others

Business Website Hosting -Review- I Just Renewed Mine After Comparing Others

Anyone considering starting a fun website or blog featuring the London Olympics might want to have a look at the special website hosting deal that's offered every year by my the hosting service that powers my website at Valentines time.

Why? Because, for a limited time, the fortnight before Valentine's Day, it's a powerful website for $100!

The London Olympics are sure to generate lots of fun events, both sporting and otherwise - just wish I had the time to put up another blog or site!

PS This London fun blog has been keyword optimised already for London etc, has a web age dated since August and is ranked. I am thinking of transferring to a blogger with a lot more time to do this full time!

Interested parties please leave a comment.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Fun Toddler Color Recognition Game From Hamleys London Review

Shopping for toddler color matching games in that fun London toy store, Hamleys this week. After visiting the online store and the real shop in Regents Street, finally chose Red Dog, Blue Dog! At around ten pounds it was an ideal birthday gift for our little nephew and seemed like a fun  lotto puzzle as a first game for toddlers. They have to become the first player to match all the color recognition pictures on their game board. The fun color recognition game develops skills for toddlers in matching colors and  naming objects. Early learning objectives apparently include social and emotional development and creative and personal development. With room for two to four players, there should be room for all of us - but I expect we'll have to let the birthday nephew win!We also got some fun color pens for filling in color matching worksheets and a paint porcelain party for a certain niece who mustn't be left out!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Wireless Wifi Internet Radios - Which One To Buy

Wireless Wifi Internet Radios - Which One To Buy: ""

Listen To Some Fun London Radio Stations - and of course, the good BBC or - Aunty Beeb!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Wetpaint Wiki - Is It Worth Creating A Free Website Here?

Create a fun London Wetpaint Wiki - Is It Worth Creating A Free Website Here?

The initial wiki presence with Wetpaint sites is free, but as usual, the extra functionality of Web 2.0 interactivity with readers comes at a price.....

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Fun Music For London On The Ice? | Ice Skating in London, Winter 2008 | Ice Skating in London, Winter 2008

Fun for families in new locations such as Tower Of London, Natural History Museum Kensington and Kew Gardens - as well as the 'old favorite' Somerset House.'

Wrap up warm though with some cool new skating wear - it's freezing here in London at the moment, much, much colder than usual! Even the fountains in trafalgar square have frozen over - and gone all green!

Secret to ice skating warmth is lots and lots of light layers in natural fabrics, a light waterproof outer layer and gloves (for those inevitable slips and slides) - and a hat of some kind!

Tip Hot hats in London right now are those Peruvian knitted ones with the long ear covers and tassles!

PS Learn Online Writing With Me