Thursday, 21 August 2008

Planning Autumn London fun with The Friday Night Skate

London fun means anything 'skate' in the eyes of our two sons! On seeing that link to The Friday Night Skate in Hyde Park, they would've headed out the door with their ton-weight skates on their backs, had they not been stopped. 'Forget trivial details like toothbrushes,train tickets and London accommodation - let's just go!'

Sadly, it will be a few months before we save up enough pennies from the credit crunch to make our next London fun trip. I have no doubt as to where our first destination will be - Hyde Park. From here at 7.30 the great Friday Night Skate departs at around 7.30 for those old enough to skate unaccompanied. For those younger than that, well - Dad could always get those rusty old roller-skates out and tag along, or even fork out for a new pair of heavy-duty state-of-the-art, seemingly indestructible in-line street skates.After all, it's one way of getting a disintersted son to see the architecture and ambience of this historic part of London.

A walk through Hyde Park is a more sedate tourist activity for the rest of the party to enjoy while the intrepid skaters fly off, heads into the wind and ears tuned in to the roar of the skate music broadcast from the lead vehicle. Younger skaters unable to cope with the speed and rough terrain may have to confine themselves to the smoother ashphalt and quieter pace of Hyde Park until they are older.

Either way, if kids or dads are tempted by a skate impulse buy - think twice if you are a London visitor who is expecting to leave on a flight on a plane. Think of the luggage restriction - and the weight!

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