Wednesday, 27 August 2008

London Olympics Are Fun Already!

Top on the London fun list to welcome the conquering athletes home from battle were an aeroplane with a golden nose, a little Union Jack fluttering above and Lord Mayor of London Boris Johnson 'doing the honours.' Less fun, but sporting the most genuine and broadest smile I have ever seen him 'sport', was Gordon Brown who almost 'waxed lyrical' in his praise.

Perhaps his popularity had a little boost too! Dare it be mentioned that these successes were hatched under a Labour government? Tom Daley, the diver, probably could not walk let alone swim at its dawning! Truly, he and many others, including this year's GCSE contingent have known no other schooling.

Maybe, just maybe, it's time for a little self-congratulatory back slapping instead of bemoaning the depressing credit crunch. Still it's difficult to see how much fun can be mustered up in the face of Olympic sponsors pulling back from the deal.

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