Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Vampire Fun In London's Leicester Square At The Twilight Hour - Stephenie Meyer's Movie Premieres

Fun for young adult readers and movie-goers in London is surely guaranteed at the breathlessly-awaited revealing of Stephenie Meyer's new movie 'Twilight' on 12th December.

Posters and merchandise aplenty will no doubt be snapped up, with many books from Meyer's Twilight series bought, and movie trips planned on the strength of the vampire movie's trailer.

Luckily for London-dwellers, or London visitors, they might not have far to run in their heels for their book-buying fun.

Famous London bookshop, Foyles, seem well-prepared for the onslaught, and at their Charing Cross Road bookshop, copies which have been ordered online can be collected. They do however need 24 hours notice. There are lots of family fun places in London's Leicester Square area, including the Hard Rock Cafe which is fun for older kids. London is not warm on a mid-December twilight, so those who live in hope of spotting a vampire star or two need to wrap up warm! Arriving in the afternoon will give time to get those mobile phones and digital cameras ready for that one-in-a-million chance shot!

So, see the Twilight movie and collect your Stephenie Meyer book from near Leicester Square - how cool could that be? Doubtless, our older teens will tell us - next job: get it autographed!
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