Tuesday, 19 May 2009

London,The Winds Of War And Ali McGraw

Contemplating a visit to the Imperial War Museum in London and looking for a few good movies to watch prior to tutoring History GCSE next year.Also looking for some fun things to do in London related to War History.

Surprised to find such glowing reviews for an old movie featuring London. Winds Of War (based on Herman Wouk's writings) is highly recommended by one reviewer I read as being 'a series every American should see....'Ali McGraw as Natalie was apparently suitably fickle and headstrong - it would be interesting to see her portrayal of the role anyway, haven't seen her since Love Story!

Other atmospheric museum venues included the underground war hospital at Dover Castle, but don't know if that's still there. Anyway, probably not as much fun as a fun London research visit! A visit to the Cenotaph with a digital camera is probably a must-do, also the statue of Churchill.