Friday, 22 August 2008

London Fun Or Fright - Dungeon Review - Enter at your peril

London Dungeon - Review - Enter at your peril

London fun or London frights? Or both? Next on the kids wishlist for London attractions is The London Dungeon. Only one problem - I genuinely don't think I can go in with them!

Like the lady in this London Dungeon review (which incidentally is one of the best I've ever read) one of my kids is still in the Juniors at school. However he is undeterred - I am more dubious as to whether this really will turn out to be a fun London experience. He always wants to watch sacry programmes and films on TV - then sometimes has sleep problems. Then of course there is the cost. You pay less for the London Dungeon with the discount tickets, but there is a substantially longer wait.

Added to this is the experience of my friends. The mum in the party most definitely did not have fun. Not realising the psychological nature of some of the gory experiences, she had taken her daughters friends there as a birthday treat - only to find herself worrying about their parents reactions afterwards! The kids,however,loved it and there were no repercussions.

I might not be so lucky - so there's only one solution. I will take them, the older son can look at all the live rats and simulated dead bodies - the younger son and I will wear blindfolds! And peep out occasionally!

Just one question - can we opt out of the so-called London fun experience of being dropped 8 metres? For me, this will not be fun! Presumably, you can walk round it - as there must be some kids who do not meet the height restrictions.

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