Monday, 25 August 2008

Plan London Fun Now Or Walk - The Bus Is Leaving

Last time I checked, many London hotels were not open yet for business related to the London 2012 Olympics. Wonder whether that's now changed after last night's witty London Bus escapades added a little light-hearted English freethinking comment to China's lavish but inscrutable Olympic games.

With Londonish bloke David Beckham kicking footballs, Boris waffling on in his quintessentially English mad professor style and a sadly updated red London bus upstaging the Chinese fireworks - I wonder if all that no-pre-booking has changed?

Demand might be fierce, particularly in the 02 arena, so uber-organised London Olympic fans from around the globe might already be getting started with their 4 year advance booking plans.

Quick everyone, get something booked, preferably within walking distance (you know what London transport can be like) - before the Germans bag all the best seats on the bus!

Of course, they'll be wanting to subscribe to a few issues of Timeout London magazine - that way they'll be sure of grabbing the best options for being in the right place for London Fun at the right time.

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