Thursday, 8 January 2009

Fun Music For London On The Ice? | Ice Skating in London, Winter 2008 | Ice Skating in London, Winter 2008

Fun for families in new locations such as Tower Of London, Natural History Museum Kensington and Kew Gardens - as well as the 'old favorite' Somerset House.'

Wrap up warm though with some cool new skating wear - it's freezing here in London at the moment, much, much colder than usual! Even the fountains in trafalgar square have frozen over - and gone all green!

Secret to ice skating warmth is lots and lots of light layers in natural fabrics, a light waterproof outer layer and gloves (for those inevitable slips and slides) - and a hat of some kind!

Tip Hot hats in London right now are those Peruvian knitted ones with the long ear covers and tassles!

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