Thursday, 26 February 2009

Puppy Dog Fun In London - Film Premiere Of Marley And Me

Fun with dogs in Leicester Square? Doesn't seem like a very conducive environment for canine exercise and fun I thought as I pondered my kids' request.

Why do you want to see Marley and Me? I asked.

I might have guessed, after fielding those never-ending requests for a puppy! Turns out, Marley is a dog! He's a labrador in fact - and to add to the promise of fun goings-on - probably the world's naughtiest one at that!

So yes, the movie is bound to be make for a great fun time out in Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and The Hard Rock Cafe, but amid all the laughs it's probably best to remember that the story also deals with the downside of pet-owning.

The heartbreaking parts would make me think twice about taking younger children to see this movie. That and the inevitable 'upping the anti' of pet dog requests! Some of us are trying to avoid a trek round London's pet shops, dog breeders and dog's homes to discuss the finer points of puppy-dog training, toothpaste to freshen a dog's breath or vet's bills!

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