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London Market Walk

Fun London Market Walk by guest author Abby Augier

Explore the metropolis of creative and mixed aspects of the secret alleys along London's canal paths between the shabby chic Portobello Market and the hippiedom of Camden Lock. It's an exciting 8 km walk where you'll find all the different styles and cultures of London and everything for everyone.

Grand Union Canal
Stroll along the stuffed stalls and the antique shops. Go north to the flea market at Golborne Road all the way up to the Grand Union Canal and you'll find Mediterranean pastry shops, African food stalls and English scrap merchants fighting for your attention on your way.

Trellick Tower
Trellick Tower was built as homage to the urban nihilism in 1970. The massive concrete structure counts 31 levels, won an award and looms threateningly ahead. At the foot of the tower you'll find beautiful community gardens as an achievement of surviving London's rough times.

Little Venice
If you want to escape the lively and noisy market, go to the rustic canal towpath and try to hop on the occasional small boats to drift behind the picturesque alleys. Or walk eastwards where the concrete cityscape ends and find yourself suddenly in Little Venice between Victorian villas, cheerfully painted small boats and weeping-willow trees.

Highlights Along The Walk
Go see London's oldest working cinema, Electric Cinema on Portobello Road. It's an original art deco building from 1910. Don't miss the proud of the community: the Canal mural. An obscure, but intriguing collage made off dregged rubbish from the canals and representing the boats, birds, water and sky. Follow into the steps of Robert Browning to Browning's Island in Little Venice. He came here to create his poets under the weeping willow trees. Other must-stops are the London Zoo Aviary and the breathtaking view over London from Primhose Hill.

From Grimy Edgware To Fairyland
Where Grand Union ends, begins Paddington Basins with the shimmering steel quays and shining commercial buildings. Across the grubby Edgware Road you continue your walk through the damp canal tunnels, passing railway bridges and broken down buildings to finally appear in a fairytale with sparkling white Regency palaces and beautiful green gardens which end graciously in the water.

Trendy Camden Lock
You are almost there: follow the street to go round Primrose Hill and take a sneak peak at London Zoo while you walk through. Finish you walk along the backs of the charming Victorian patios and there you are: the sub-culture of Camden Lock. This is the trendiest and street market in London full off refreshing urban energy.

About The Author
Abby Agier has been an editor for the travel industry for over 20 years. Next to publishing about the most beautiful places in the world she is also a editor for home and kitchen tools and writes about oil filled radiator heaters to advice about how to choose your oil filled radiator heater.

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