Monday, 17 August 2009

Fun London Contest - Newnham Kids Take Part In Fun Latin Dance Contest

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One fun London venue in July was Newnham Town Hall. I read today that fun was had by all during the London Latin dance classes competition, with children from local primary schools taking part.

In a time when governments and health gurus are trying to get parents to take children's weight more seriously in an effort to reduce obesity in the population, its great to see an exercise that kids actually enjoy being promoted - Dance.

There are many London fun dance classes for kids including hip-hop, rap, disco, electro and Latin Dance and competiton with peers always a little more motivation and sparkle.

With the so-called London fun Olympics round the corner in 2012, now's a great time to get relulctant kids to consider a more cool kind of out of school club - Dance. Of course there are all the usual favourites too such as jazz, tap and ballet - and there are lots of exciting platforms and showcases in the pipeline in the way of fun London 2012 entertainment where committed children can take the stage and demonstrate their newly-learned dance skills.

Our next fun London visit is planned for October and we'll be adding Newnham and Stratford days out to our itinerary alongside the Olympic Village building tour!

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